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Quick and Simple

You are our priority. Carport Kingdom now offers a finance program for our customers. The process is fairly simple. Just place an order and submit your credit application, Our friendly staff will assist you through the complete process. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to call us directly.

Finance Info Form

1. Two Financing Companies for Your Convenience

If you are declined through our first lender we have a second lender we use that is a little more forgiving of some financial situations. If you are declined the lender will send you a letter in the mail within 30 days to let you know the reason.

2. Avoid Delays

Residential and employment information must be 2 years. if you have not been at either for at least 2 years please list a previous location. By doing so, it will avoid delays in the process.

3. Co-Buyers

If you are using a spouse or family member’s income, they must be used as your co-buyer. Co-buyers have the same requirements and must give 2 years at their residence & employment.

4. Interests Rates

Interest rates on the loan depend on the credit score, debt to income ratio, loan amount, and loan terms. This is not one set rate for everyone. All decisions involving the customer’s interest rate & approval are based on those 4 pieces of information and will be determined by the finanial institution.