Steel Barns

Are you looking for new housing for your livestock? What about protection to shelter your expensive farm equipment? What if we tell you that there is a simple building that can fulfill all your agricultural and storage needs at once? Steel barns from Carport Kingdom offer a more attractive and secure option for all your needs. Explore our prefab models below or use our Build & Price Tool to completely customize your design.  


At Carport Kingdom, we offer a wide selection of steel structures, including steel barns. You will find that our metal barns provide great value for the money, will meet all of the performance requirements on your list, and can be built much faster than a traditional wood barn. 

Building a steel barn costs less upfront than a wood barn. There’s better news on the financial front: those savings will continue as the years go by. Since steel barns require less ongoing maintenance than wood structures, more money is going to stay in your pocket down the line as well.

No buildings are completely free from risk, but opting for steel takes away a couple of the common risks that go along with wood barns. First, your steel barn is not going to burn. A wood barn can be a fire risk, especially in dry climates, so knowing that your steel barn is not going to suffer that fate is a nice bonus. Also, some wood barns wind up dealing with significant bug problems. Bugs can eat through wood, so an infestation of the wrong type of insect can lead to costly damage. Bugs are not going to eat through the steel components of your barn, however, so this is yet another advantage of this type of structure.


Adding metal lean-tos or awnings on each side of the main structure can give your metal barn a unique style. Lean-tos provide extra room for shading or storage purposes. Whether you are trying to protect your livestock or farm equipment, a lean-to may be the ideal solution for you. 

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If you decide that a steel barn will be perfect for your needs, contact Carport Kingdom right away to get started. We have a staff full of helpful representatives who will be happy to guide you to the barn that will work best for your property. 

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