Horizontal Carports For Sale

It’s easy to understand the appeal of a basic carport. When in need of shelter for something like a car, truck, or RV, it’s hard to find a better, more affordable option than a metal carport. The simplicity of these structures is part of what makes them so popular, but there are a few choices you’ll need to make when placing an order. One of those choices is whether to go with a vertical or horizontal roof. Learn more about horizontal carports below, and place your order today!


Here are just some of the reasons to order from us:

  • Engineer Certified
  • 20 Year Rust Warranty (on our 12-gauge galvanize tubing)
  • Shipping & Installation Included
  • 90-MPH Wind Warranty
  • 360 Degree Roof Bracing
  • 4 Season Workmanship Warranty


A horizontal carport features roof panels that run parallel to the long side of the structure. The panels run from side to side, from the front of the building to the back. With a vertical roof, on the other hand, the panels run up and down, from the eave on up to the top of the roof line. This might seem like a subtle difference, but it is important to understand so you can decide which one will best serve your needs.


If keeping the cost of your new carport down as low as possible is your main priority, a horizontal carport may be the right choice. Since less structure is needed to support this type of roof, the overall cost of the carport will be lower than it would be with a vertical orientation. While the cost of your horizontal design may be rather modest, make no mistake—everything offered at Carport Kingdom is a quality product that is built to last.


Before you place an order, it’s smart to take all possibilities into consideration. For instance, a vertical carport will have a slightly higher price tag, but it will come with benefits such as an improved ability to deal with harsh weather conditions. The design of a vertical roof moves precipitation quickly off the roof and down to the ground, making it a good pick for some climates. You will need to think specifically about your situation, budget, and priorities before settling on the model that will be put in place on your property.

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The cost-effective nature of a horizontal carport makes it a great choice for many applications. When you are ready to order one of your own, or if you have questions about this type of structure, please contact the helpful team at Carport Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by!

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