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Custom Metal Buildings

When you first get the idea to add a metal building to your property, you will probably look first at predesigned structures. Most carport companies, including American Steel Carports, offer a variety of predesigned metal buildings for you to consider. And, to be sure, those options will work for a large number of buyers. But what if none of them is quite right for your needs? If you have a specific vision that you want to bring to life, a custom metal building is the only way to go.

At American Steel Carports, we make it easy to design your building, offering a wide range of customization options, so you can get the perfect structure for your needs. Simply use our online Build & Price tool to select your preferences, view a 3-D rendering in real time, and get an instant quote. It’s that simple.



Why American Steel Carports?

Here are just some of the reasons to order your custom metal building from American Steel Carports:

Getting The Perfect Design

If you’ve decided that a custom steel building is the right choice for you, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the right specifications for your needs. Please feel free to contact us, and a knowledgeable representative will walk you through your options. Or, you can read on to get some ideas for your structure.


Customization Options

When using our convenient online Build & Price tool, you can select the from the following customization options:



Two Big Questions

As you get ready to add a metal building to your property, you need to keep two important elements in mind:

Speak with an agent for assistance in planning the design of your building.  

Significant Savings

As mentioned above, you can do things with a custom metal structure that just aren’t going to work with traditional wood framing. Additionally, the cost of a metal building will almost always be significantly lower than building with wood, so you have yet another reason to look in this direction.

These savings are experienced both in terms of the cost of the materials for the project and also with regard to the labor required to construct the building. Everyone has a budget that they need to stick to for a given project, and you’ll find it much easier to stay within your limit when you decide to go with metal.


The Right Partner

To be sure, American Steel Carports isn’t the only company offering custom metal buildings. So, why should you decide to work us? Here are just a few reasons:


Let’s Get Started

Thank you for taking the time to consider American Steel Carports. We are proud to offer custom metal buildings that are created to perfectly match your needs. Custom options aren’t always required to meet a customers’ needs, but they are the right way to go when none of the predesigned structures are going to suit you properly. Design your building today!

Metal structures are engineered to protect your most valuable assets for years to come! Our buildings are constructed with the strongest steel materials to provide protection, durability and resistance.