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Standard Carports

For an affordable place to park a vehicle under cover, standard carports are the perfect solution. A basic carport meant as a parking solution will come with a relatively modest price tag, especially as compared to a wood structure. Likewise, standard metal carports can be built quite quickly, which is great if you need to find a solution to your parking problem sooner rather than later. For assistance or to place an order, please contact American Carports, Inc. right away.



Why Choose Us?

Here are just some of the reasons to order from us:

A Great Value

It is likely the overall value for your money that will sell you on a standard carport. To start with, steel carports are one of the best deals on the market today, as you can add covered space to your property for a modest investment. When talking about standard carports specifically, you can keep the cost down as low as possible by minimizing features and focusing on the goal of protecting a vehicle or two from the weather.

Of course, while the value is going to be impressive no matter what you decide to order, it is possible to add a few affordable features to your carport to make it more functional. American Carports, Inc. provides our customers with a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of the features you can add to come away with a final product that meets your exact needs.

Height & Roof Style

The simplicity of a standard carport is certainly an appealing attribute, but we’d like to point out a couple of important variables to keep in mind while planning your purchase: height and roofing styles. If you want to be able to park certain vehicles under the carport, it will need to be tall enough to accommodate those vehicles. Many carport buyers plan to park their RVs under the structure, meaning they need a taller model than someone parking a sedan.

Also, the roof style you select is another key component to the purchase. Horizontal roofs are the most affordable option. That said, vertical roofs can be more effective at dealing with weather like snow and rain. The cost of a vertical roof will be a little higher due to the additional support structure needed, but the end result is a carport that fares vert well in rain or snow fall.

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Thank you for visiting American Carports, Inc. If you need a standard carport that you can trust to hold up as the years go by, you have landed in the right place. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help!

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