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Metal RV Carports & Covers

There are few ways to travel that are quite as enjoyable as taking a trip in an RV. If you already own an RV or motorhome, you know just how much fun it can be to explore the country in your rig. But where do you store it when it’s not in action? To make sure your RV is always ready when you are, finding a suitable RV storage solution is essential. Adding a metal RV carport to your is an easy and affordable way to care for your RV all year long. Browse samples of our RV covers below, or use our Build & Price Tool to customize your structure, view a 3D rendering, and receive a personalized quote!



An Important Investment

For all of the positive aspects of RVing, there is one downside: the initial investment required. Buying an RV is not cheap, which is an important reason to protect your rig as the years go by. If you allow the weather to attack your RV when it’s not in use, it’s nearly inevitable that your rig is going to fall short of its potential life span.

A quality steel RV carport can be a great way to protect it from the elements. At American Steel, we offer a full range of options so you can get the perfect camper carport for your needs. If you aren’t sure which one will be the best pick for your property and your part of the country, feel free to .

Only the Best

If you are going to purchase a camper carport to offer shelter to your RV, it only makes sense to buy something that is built to last. That is exactly what you will find here at American Steel. Here are just some of the reasons to order from us:

As you can see, we are proud to stand behind our products, offering warranties and certifications. We’ve built a solid reputation in this business over two decades of operation, and we look forward to serving many more customers successfully in the years ahead!

Custom Options Available

We have several stock carports that will work nicely for many RVs, but you may find that none of those options quite work in your situation. We understand that each of our customers has their own unique needs and requirements, so we are happy to offer custom solutions to make sure we can serve you properly.

Maybe you have a particularly large RV, or maybe you have a challenging spot on your property where you are trying to fit the carport. Whatever the case, working together with our team can yield the outcome that you desire.

To get you off to a great start, we are proud to offer the Build & Price Tool for your convenience. This innovative tool allows you to build out your custom metal RV carport right here on our website. Select all of the features you desire, view a 3D model as you build, and receive an instant quote that includes all of your customizations. It really is that simple!

Consider Your Circumstances

For an RV owner in a dry, moderate climate, the role of a camper carport might be nothing more than keeping the hot summer sun off the roof day after day. And, of course, when the occasional rain storm does blow through, the RV won’t be soaked in the process. On the other hand, someone who lives in a snowy climate in the northern half of the country will need the carport to keep the heavy snow from piling up all winter long.

It’s important to determine what kind of performance you are going to need out of your carport before you order, as you can pick out certain characteristics in order to suit the challenges you face. A perfect example is the RV owner who deals with a lot of winter snow. A-Frame Vertical roof carports are perfect for the snow, as they shed the majority of the snowfall to the sides, avoiding the kind of heavy buildup on top that can cause problems. Contact our expert agents for assistance in selecting the right features for your steel RV carport.

We Deliver Value

At American Steel Carports, we focus on the value that is delivered to our customers. We strive to balance a great price with the ability to deliver quality products that stand the test of time. Our metal RV covers are affordable, but they aren’t “cheap”—and that’s an important distinction. You can expect great performance from all of our products, and we think you will be thrilled with the value you receive for your money.

Don’t let any more time go by without having your RV protected from the weather. Contact American Steel today to learn more about our various metal RV carports, or to place your order. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to assist when you call. Thanks for visiting and safe travels!


Metal structures are engineered to protect your most valuable assets for years to come! Our buildings are constructed with the strongest steel materials to provide protection, durability and resistance.