Metal Sheds

At Carport Kingdom, we are proud to offer a large collection of metal sheds, with many customization options available. If you have been thinking about adding a metal shed to your property, but you have not decided what type of shed you want, you have come to the right place. Explore our options below or use our Build & Price tool to completely customize your structure.


When shopping for a metal shed, everything starts with finding the right style for you. A mini-storage might be too small and may not hold everything you need to store, while a loafing shed might be too large and may not fit on your property. Fortunately, at Carport Kingdom, we have a wide range of styles and sizes available, so you should have no trouble finding one perfect for your situation:


When your storage options are running slim and you need more space, our mini storage sheds will provide the additional protection you need. Our metal mini storage sheds come in many colors, sizes, and styles, as well as a variety of options that allow you to customize it to suit your needs. Remember, all of our mini storage sheds come with a ¾” pressure treated plywood floor—not to mention that they tend to be more affordable than a regular enclosed building.


If you own a horse or a full livestock, then you understand the importance of keeping your animals sheltered at all times. With the help of Carport Kingdom, we can provide you with a long-lasting metal loafing shed that meets your unique needs. Our metal loafing sheds are designed and built to protect your animals through all four seasons of the year. During the spring and summer months, they will provide a cool shaded refuge and during the fall and winter, they will provide a warm and dry shelter. 

If you need an enclosed area to keep animal feed or equipment, our loafing sheds offer what we call a tack room. This is an enclosed part of your shed where you can keep your valuables stored. Please note that our loafing sheds are not available in all locations.


Defined as a single slope roof structure, lean-to metal sheds are the perfect solution for additional storage or shading when you have limited space to work with.  

Metal lean-tos are often offered as an option to create additional exterior covered space. While designing your metal shed, you can always add a lean-to. Whether you want your lean-to fully enclosed or open, Carport Kingdom will provide the best options for you.

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