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Agriculture & Metal Barn Buildings

If you’re considering adding a structure to your agricultural property, opt for a steel barn from a American Steel. Metal barn buildings are a great way to save money on the project while still gaining the ample indoor space you need to keep things running smoothly. Explore our prebuilt designs below, or build a custom structure today.



Why American Steel?

Here are just some of the reasons to order your steel barn from American Steel:

Cost Savings

A metal barn is less expensive than a traditional wooden barn. There are savings to be found both in terms of materials and labor. You’ll pay less to buy the components of a steel barn than you will a wooden one, and then labor to put it up is less as well. From start to finish, this is a decision that is sure to save you money. But it gets even better.

After the construction is complete and your beautiful barn buildings are being used, they can continue to save you money. There tends to be less maintenance as the years go by with a metal barn, and you may even pay less for insurance. And when you order from American Steel, you can rest assured that you’re getting a structure that will last.

Quick And Easy

Another important thing to keep in mind about steel barns is just how quickly they can be constructed. As you may know, a wooden barn can take considerable time from conception to completion, but that is just not the case with metal.

Since you’ll receive your barn from American Steel Carports with all of the pieces already created and ready to go, it will simply need to be put together once on your property. Installation is included in your final price. Our team will handle this job for you, and our standard structures can be assembled in as little as an hour!

So Many Options

With metal, there is very little restriction on what can be accomplished with your barn space. The construction limits on wood are typically more significant, as the material weighs more, which limits how it can be implemented to create a structure.

At American Steel Carports, one of the things we take great pride in is our ability to create unique, highly-functional barn designs. You can pick from the established options we have available, or you can user our innovative online Build & Price Tool to develop a custom solution. Simply enter your specifications and preferences, then view a 3D rendering and receive an instant quote!

All The Features You Need

A variety of features can be brought together in a single structure. If you need a garage door-sized opening to park equipment inside the barn, that is no problem. Just the same, you can include standard doors—so you can access the space without needing to open the garage door. In the case of our Famous AG Barn, you can also include an open space with an extremely high ceiling, perfect for moving in and out without much restriction.

In the end, the features that you choose to include in your barn will depend on the exact use that you have in mind. Every situation is different, which is why customization is such a focus at American Steel Carports. We work hard to please one customer at a time.

Order Today

There is a lot to like about the barns available from American Steel. Remember, we take pride in offering custom solutions to our customers, so don’t think you are limited to the designs you see on our site. Whether you want a stock or custom barn on your property, the first step is to contact us for more information. Thank you for visiting!

Metal structures are engineered to protect your most valuable assets for years to come! Our buildings are constructed with the strongest steel materials to provide protection, durability and resistance.