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Metal Garages For Sale

The list of benefits for adding a garage on your property is a long one. From keeping belongings out of the weather to having an indoor space to work on projects and more, the appeal of a garage is obvious. But here’s the thing: building a traditional garage can be expensive. If you opt to have a garage built with a wooden frame and shingle roof, or some variation on that theme, you’re going to have to invest a large sum of money. To accomplish the same goal for a lower cost, consider a metal garage from American Steel Carports.



Perfect For Vehicle Storage

The first thing you likely think about when picturing a metal garage on your property is the ability to park a vehicle out of the elements. Maybe you want to park your daily vehicle indoors, so you don’t have to de-ice or warm it up in the morning before hitting the road. Or, maybe you like to collect classic cars, and you have one or two that need a place to live while you restore them. Whatever the case, a metal garage is a great opportunity to expand the protected parking you have available.

Other Great Uses

If you think that’s where the story ends for steel garages, however, you are mistaken. Some of the other uses that you’ll want to keep in mind include:

Ultimately, a steel garage building will provide you with a significant amount of added indoor space on your property. What you do with that space is largely up to you and your needs (and creativity). Since you’ll find that the garages for sale on the market today are far more affordable than what you would spend to build a wooden structure, it’s easy to see this as an investment that is well worth your money.

Why American Steel?

Here are just some of the reasons to order your steel garage from American Steel:

A Model for Every Buyer

American Steel is proud to offer a number of different metal garage styles for sale. If you aren’t yet sure which of our models will be best for the plans you have in mind, the quick list below may be able to point you in the right direction. Of course, you can always create a custom metal garage to best suit your needs.

Enclosed Garages

You no longer have to work on your vehicles out in the elements. Our enclosed garages put a layer of metal between you and the outside world, allowing you to remain far more comfortable as you spend time on your vehicles (or performing other tasks). There different sizes available, making it easy for you to select one that will suit your needs and fit on your property.

A-Frame Garages

The A-frame is a building design that has been used quite often over the years, as it comes with a significant advantage—the ability to deal with weather. Rain and snow tend to move quickly off of an A-frame roof, and wind can usually be dealt with effectively as well. Our A-frame garages add these benefits to the many others that come with all of our metal structures. Those who live in parts of the country that feature rough weather will be particularly drawn to this style.

2-Car Garages

While the name indicates that this kind of garage has room for two cars, that doesn’t need to be how it is used. Maybe you will park two cars in there, or maybe you will just park one and keep the other side open for a work space and storage area. Or maybe you won’t park any cars in the garage at all, keeping the entire space available for projects! However you approach it, a 2-car metal garage makes a great addition to a property, allowing the owner countless possibilities.

4-Car Garages

To add even more indoor space to your property, a metal 4-car garage is a great option. Going with a metal structure can bring the cost down significantly. With so much space available, you will have little trouble finding the room to take on just about whatever project happens to be on your mind.

Custom Garages

Sometimes, a buyer will have a unique situation to deal with or have specific preferences for sizing, colors, and materials. If you aren’t seeing any pre-made styles on our site that are quite right for you, it’s easy to create your own. Simply use our unique Build & Price Tool to build your custom metal garage. You can select all of your preferred features, view a 3D rendering, and receive an instant quote!

Order Today

Our metal garages are affordable, built to last, and something that you’ll be proud to own. Thank you for taking a moment to consider the steel garages for sale at American Steel Carports. We have a long history in this business and have pleased thousands of customers over the years with our quality products and great prices. Order today!

Metal structures are engineered to protect your most valuable assets for years to come! Our buildings are constructed with the strongest steel materials to provide protection, durability and resistance.